Setting-up costs

Unlike in the UK where the main costs are the arrangement and valuation fees, in Spain a mortgage has to be notarised and tax paid on the amount borrowed, so setting up a loan will work out more costly in the short term. However, taking a longer term view would mean that the low interest rate in Spain would make up for the higher initial set up costs.

  • Fixed fees
    • Arrangement fee of 1% of the amount financed
    • Mortgage Tax of approximately 1.8% of the amount financed

  • Other fees which vary according to amount borrowed but for purposes of this information we have used a loan of 150,000 Euros
    • Notary fees (approximately €860)
    • Land Registry fees (approximately €300)
    • Bank legal fees (approximately €360)

  • Valuation fee
    • Between 300 and 500€.