Pre-qualifying for a loan
You can pre-qualify for a loan with no obligation. Please click below to see what documentation you need to provide and once you are ready we can arrange to have an application form sent to you.
Documentation you need to provide to the lender to pre-qualify for loan
  • filled in application form which can be faxed or e-mailed to you
  • copy of your passport/s
  • proof of address in the (utility bill, bank statement etc)
  • if you are employed, a copy of your last P60 and your last three payslip
  • if you are self employed, your last Profit and Loss Account (certified by your accountant) and your last Tax Return
  • if you own your own company and as well receive a salary, details of your drawings and/or dividends as well as the above
  • 6 months worth of up to date bank statements, showing and loans and/or mortgages you may have in your own country
  • credit report
Once your loan application has been approved, a valuer will be need to be sent to value the property you wish to buy in SpainThere is a cost involved in this (see Setting up costs).
Contact us for an application form.