There are different types of legal professionals available to the buyer of Spanish property. To explain, we have simplified the roles of each one...
A Notary is not a solicitor. He functions as an impartial witness to the signing of all public documents before their inscription in the property registry.
Lawyers or Covenyancers

Unlike the UK where home buyers instruct solicitors when purchasing a property, not everyone does so in Spain.

Buying a home in Spain is as safe as purchasing a property in the UK, provided you have the appropriate legal assistance. The Spanish legal system is quite different from that of the UK and Sunshine Villas strongly recommends that all purchasers use an Abogado (a Spanish lawyer) or a Gestor (a licenced conveyancer) when buying a property so that their interests are safeguarded thoroughly.

An Abogado or Gestor carries out the necessary searches. They can handle all payments on your behalf and, subject to a Power of Attorney being granted them, can sign over the deeds in your favour if you can´t be in Spain for completion.

The cost of a lawyer in Spain varies between £500 and £1,000, and a Gestor’s charge will oscillate between £250 and £400. Some purchaser’s prefer to instruct a UK solicitor and, as in Spain, their fees will vary also. Some will charge a fixed fee or a percentage of the property value, and others will bill on time spent. Purchasers wishing to use a solicitor in the UK or a lawyer in Spain would be wise to establish beforehand the total conveyancing costs.