Sunshine Villas Gata de Gorgos and Pedreguer

Gata de Gorgos, an ideal place for hiking and rural life

Gata de Gorgos, surrounded by mountains and the Natural Park of Montgó, is located in the northwest of the province of Alicante, a few kilometers from the beaches and coves of Jávea and Denia. This municipality in the interior of the Costa Blanca owes its name to the Gorgos river that runs precisely through the town.

The fact that it is slightly inland means that the prices of properties for sale in Gorgos are comparatively cheaper than those in the coastal towns. However, good road access will allow you to be on the Mediterranean coast in less than 10 minutes and visit the charming neighboring towns such as Jalón Valley, Llíber, Orba, Jesús Pobre…

This charming village has been traditionally associated with agriculture and wickerwork. The production of objects made of wicker is a source of wealth and prosperity. In the streets you can find typical products of the area that will make you appreciate the craftsmanship and traditional culture of this place. You will love to stroll through its quiet and pleasant streets, and stop to see the baskets, bags and wicker baskets that are offered in each of its local stores with a unique creativity.

This town of almost 6,000 inhabitants, about 9 km from Jávea and 13 km from Denia, offers various hiking routes through the sierras of Seldetes and Tossal del Moro. Walking the rural roads and trails of Gata de Gorgos is an excellent plan to enjoy the beauty of the interior of Alicante and disconnect for hours. If you are going to make one of the routes of Gata de Gorgos, do not forget to bring your camera if you want to take a nice souvenir of its landscapes.


Pedreguer, a traditional Spanish village near the Mediterranean coast

Pedreguer is a prosperous agricultural and commercial village, as well as an idyllic enclave for disconnection and healthy living. It is surrounded by abundant farmland where fruits and vegetables are grown and then marketed in stores offering great variety and quality.

In its day, Pedreguer was the Spanish capital of leather handbag manufacturing, but still to this day it continues to manufacture handbags, hats and leather goods. The town is increasingly popular with young families and Spaniards looking for affordable housing in good environmental conditions. At SUNSHINE VILLAS, for example, you can find a selection of apartments, villas and fincas, both second-hand and newly built, very interesting to start from scratch and build a prosperous life.

Pedreguer is a fast growing municipality, with an excellent road network, just 5 minutes drive from Denia, full of good local restaurants, bars and a selection of stores. Its Sunday street market brings a lot of life to the town and creates a very pleasant atmosphere. Despite the affluence of northern Europeans coming to live in the area, the town still has a very Spanish character with traditions that are never lost such as tapas and terrace life.

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  • Gata de Gorgos and Pedreguer
  • Gata de Gorgos and Pedreguer
  • Gata de Gorgos and Pedreguer
  • Gata de Gorgos and Pedreguer
  • Gata de Gorgos and Pedreguer